Braun series 7 790cc review


The next shaver we review is that the Braun series 7 790cc review. It’s the best selling electric razor in the world and was Braun’s flagship shaver till the release of the Series nine in late 2015. This review can concentrate on the Series seven 790cc-4 model.Braun series 7 790cc review

It’s still one among the best rated electric shavers out there, despite having been on the market since 2010. However is this shaver nearly as good as everybody claims it to be? Is the Braun Series seven an electric shaver value spending the money to buy? We aim to answer these queries and plenty more during this Braun series 7 790cc review. 



Braun series 7 790cc review

In this Braun Series 7 790cc Review we take an in-depth look at one of the most popular, technology-packed and acclaimed electric shavers.


1. Personalized experience

The Braun Series seven 790cc four shaver has 3 settings: from extra sensitive, for men who tend to get plenty of irritation, too intense, for men who need a more aggressive shave.

2. Cleaning and charging station

 This is a unique point for this machine. The Clean & Charge system follows a five-step method to fully clean and charges your razor through the push of a button. The alcohol-based method ensures that you can continuously have a clean and charged shaver able to go in the morning. The Series seven 790cc-4 isn’t totally washable too.


3. Three completely different technologies in the foil

This is what extremely makes the distinction for the safety razor level of closeness. The mentioned Intelligent Sonic technology pinpoints the areas with a thick beard; while the trimmer helps you get a smooth shave on the chin and neck, that are historically cumbersome areas. We can call this the Braun Series seven 790cc Pulsonic shaver system.

4. Super close shave

 The third technology, The Braun OptiFoil blades are designed to provide the user a far closer shave than what’s typically possible with shaving machines.

5. Lithium-ion battery

The five-action Clean & Charge system uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that totally charges in one hour. Once charged, the battery provides fifty minutes of shaving time.

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What separates Braun precision shavers from others?


An extraordinary shaving result mixed proximity and skin satisfaction without any adjustment. With Braun Series seven you’re selecting our modernized shaver with leading technology.

  • Powerful and close: Series seven cuts a lot of hair in one stroke than others does in two. Despite its four specialized shaving parts, the head is designed to be extra skinny. This enables it to fit into hard-to-reach areas, at the side of contours and below the nose where large shavers tend to fail.
  • Gentle on skin: like all Braun shavers, Series seven goes in straight lines. You don‘t need to think again the same spot double which considerably reduces the danger of skin irritation.
  • German technique: All Series seven precision shavers are designed, engineering and created in Germany. Premium shavers created to last a minimum of seven years.


  • Easy to Use
  • Close Shave
  • No Irritation
  • Easy to wash
  • Quick Charging Time


  • Noisy
  • Misses Hairs
  • Not ergonomic
  • Rough Shave
  • High cost to wash


What are in the box?

♦ A Braun 790cc shaverBraun series 7 790cc

♦Electric Cord

♦leaning Brush

♦Traveling Case

♦Clean and Renew Base

♦Clean and Renew Liquid Pack

♦Set of Instructions


                             Some frequently asked questions 

  • Do you need to use the charge station to charge the shaver or can you plug the power cord into the shaver directly?

Answer: Charges from the cord perfectly fine.


  • How frequently does the shaver need to be placed in the cleaning center?

Answer: You could never place it in the center and it will be fine (cheaper variants don’t come with a cleaning center) but it’s a great feature and will leave it smelling and feeling fresh after each use. I was trying to manually clean it at first every other day, but in the end gave up and give it a clean after each use.


  • Does this shaver come with a guarantee?

Answer: yes, two years from purchase, excellent shaver, the best I have used, as good as wet shaving once one gets accustomed.


Overall Review

Finally at the end of  Braun series 7 790cc review, The price appends Braun series seven 790cc is reasonably steep; however, it doesn’t quantity enough when you think about its lifespan value and also the amount of your time it’ll save you. The pulsing vibrations and trimming features mean that this razor actually serves as multiple tools in one, providing you with more for your investment and helping you save area on separate accessories.

If you like to buy for quality, the Braun series seven 790cc-4 is the razor for you. It’ll work for anyone, whether you simply prefer to clean up your full beard or you’re attempting to remove the full thing. It’s nice for people with sensitive skin, too. Simply lather up and get to work. Quality meets convenience here, and it’s definitely worth the splurge to buy such an innovative razor which will make your morning routine a whole lot easier.

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Dissimilarity between Braun Series 7 shavers

Series720sBraun series 7 720s-4

Being the leading model of the seven series, it absence some features that were introduced in next models like battery indicator and cleanup system. The shaving performance is nearly same as the later models. However, why select something out-of-date when adding an additional $20 will get you one among the most effective shavers out there, the 790cc.

 Series 720s vs. 760cc

The 720s doesn’t have Clean and charge station (Automatic program choice, active drying facilities) where 760cc has these features out of the box. 760cc is an upgrade from the 720s as its got LED battery indicator (5 levels). The 760cc prices only 20 bucks more than the 720cc.

Series 760cc vs. 790cc

The 790cc came with additional automatic program selection and quick clean option. It’s got liquid crystal display battery indicator (6 levels) and you’ll get a “Premium Leather Pouch” with it while shopping for the other 2 older models will get you a general Pouch. Fascinating issue is although being an upgrade to the 760cc; the 790cc prices $15 less than the 760cc.

Series 790cc vs. 799ccBraun Series 7 799cc

Both are just about a similar. The only profit with this one is that you simply can use it in the shower. However, paying an extra $100 for this feature is completely up to you. You would possibly ask why the 760cc prices more than its big brother 790cc. This can be indeed an honest question to ask and it left me puzzled for a moment too.

After taking a better look what I concluded to is, the quick cleanup feature in the 790cc prices you an extra sixty bucks a year so they are lease you start with a smaller ‘down payment’. However, I personally wouldn’t mind paying for the cartridges and I will every time clean with water like I would have to with the 760cc.

Another question; is it beneficial to pay over $100 for the 799cc when it lets me shave under the shower as one added benefit? I personally wouldn’t choose it as I can purchase the Braun 340s for simply $49 and get a similar facility.

braun series seven diference


Buy Now On AmazonBuy Now On AmazonBuy Now On AmazonBuy Now On Amazon
Active dryingNoYesYesYes
Auto program selectionNoYesYesYes
Fast cleanNoNoYesYes
Shower shaveNoNoNoYes
DisplayLED 3 Level LED 5 Level LED 6 Level LED 6 Level
Travel storagePouchPouchPremium Leather PouchPremium Leather Pouch
Color availableBlackBlackNoble metal /BlackNoble metal /Black

Braun series 7 790cc review
Reviewed by Ali Asad on.
Summary:Best electric shaver for sensitive skin

Description:In this Braun Series 7 790cc Review we take an in-depth look at one of the most popular, In the world of male grooming, Braun is a market leader when it comes to electric shavers. And the Braun Series 7 790cc-4 will give you a close shave in record time not possible with a cartridge or safety razor.

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