Electric shaver vs razor

Electric shaver vs razor

Today we talk about Electric shaver vs razor which is suitable for you. There’s positively something to be said for applying an electrical razor. However, there’s plenty to be said about other varieties of razors too, whether it’s a straight edge, cartridge, double-edge or disposable. Let’s take a short look at the various types and provide a comparison.


Electric shaver vs razor

Why you’ll like an electric razorRemington-F5-5800-Review-2

Convenience – electric razors are used at any time, anyplace, and you don’t have to mess with shaving creams, gels or lotions. Cordless electrical shavers are significantly convenient – as long as you make positive keep the battery charged.

Ease of use – There’s not plenty of technique when using an electric shaver; a first-time user will get the hang of it in very little time. Moreover, it doesn’t take plenty of your time to shave with an electric razor because they force the hairs upward and shave a lot of hair with every pass – which means you won’t have to create multiple passes.

Safer – yes, it’s potential to get skin irritation when using an electric razor (because of the friction) however the probabilities of cutting yourself – like a standard razor – are slim and none.


Disadvantages of an electric razor:

Not the closest shave – electric razors won’t provide you with the same kind of close shave as you’d bet with a manual razor. You’ll still get a close shave, mind you, simply not as advance most cases.

Battery-powered – Not that there’s anything wrong with battery power, however, it will mean you’ve got to observe your electric razor’s power supply so it doesn’t quite in the middle of your shave. Luckily, most electric razors include LED battery-charge monitors.



Why you’ll like a straight razorstraight razor

Because it’s bad-ass – using a razor is old fashioned, but terribly cool old style. It absolutely was the only selection for shaving in several previous centuries and is still used today by men preferring the ultimate in manual shaving.

Close shave – a decent straight razor can provide you with a close shave, not like the other. Its blades are sharp, sharp, and sharper, and with the correct technique (and maybe a pre-shave hot towel on your face to melt up your facial hairs), you’ll get a shave as smooth as a baby’s butt.


Disadvantages of a straight razor:

You’ll like some apply – Not several men will pick up a straight razor for the primary time and find an ideal shave. For one, the blade is fully-exposed, which raises the danger of nicks and cuts, however, you are doing have full control of the blade’s angle, which you don’t have with different manual razors.

Price – Most quality straight razors prices over many different razors. Then again, you’d be hard put to search out a better shave once you get the hang of it.


Why you’ll like a safety razorsafty razor

It covers all the bases – the great factor about a safety razor is that it addresses 3 main shaving issues – time, safety, and simple use. There’s a far gentler learning curve than with a straight razor though you’ll have to be compelled to take a lot of care when shaving than you’d with an electric.

The price is correct – You’ll find several high-quality safety razors priced as low as $30.

The optionSafety razors are available one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece styles.


Why you’ll like a cartridge razor

Availability – You never have to go far to get a cartridge shaver. You’ll realize one in practically every grocery store, pharmacy, and store – and even at your corner filling station.

Ease of use – It doesn’t get much simple than a cartridge razor. They’re designed with the novice in mind (although not every man who uses a cartridge razor may be a novice) and contain a fixed angle that decreases your possibilities of getting nicks and cuts. Several of them include a Libra- strip that lubricates your skin as you shave.

Disadvantages of a cartridge razor:

The price – whereas the initial price of a cartridge razor is extremely cheap, the price of replacement razors is usually anything however low-cost. No surprise that several supermarkets keep replacement cartridge blades in an internal case that an old robber can’t access.

The shave – while you’ll still get a close shave with a cartridge razor, it actually won’t be as close as a straight razor, or as close as a cartridge razor.


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