Foil vs Rotary shavers

Foil vs Rotary shavers


Foil vs Rotary shavers which is better? There are two categories when it comes to electric shavers: foil and rotary. They both work in a basic manner, blades cutting hair. here we talk about Foil vs Rotary shavers deferences.

Foil Shaverfoil

A foil head is made of thin metal foil with holes, which covers blades that move quickly from side to side for efficient cutting.

Rotary Shaver Rotary

 Rotary shavers typically have 3 rounded heads that cover 3 rounded blades that spin and cut the hair.

Let’s compare the various aspects of shaving with relevance Foil and Rotary shavers.

Close Shave: Most of the time foil shavers can provide an awfully close shave. Due to the character of its head, rotary razors won’t provide a close shave as a foil razor.

Styling & amp; Usage: Due to the rectangular nature of the foil shaver, it won’t be simple to achieve curvy places on your face. However, it’ll be great with creating straight cuts, like styling your sideburns.

Rotary shavers are designed to own easy accessibility to all the curves of your face (chin, jawline, etc)

But it’s hard to create precise straight cuts using a rotary unless you have got a built-in trimmer.

Skin Type: If you have a sensitive skin, foil shavers will be better suited for you.

The speed of Shave: Most of the popular rotary razors will not reach the speed of a foil razor.




How Do I Choose between rotary and foil

Foil or Rotary


Don’t worry, we’re not about to recommend that it’s all right down to personal preference and go away. There are benefits to either depending on your skin, the thickness of your hair and after that; it’s all in however you utilize them. We’ll return to that bit too.


You may be best using a rotary shaver if:


  1. You’ve got regular too robust skin – let’s say you may be a little older and shaving for a moment already
  2. You’ve got thicker, coarser hair, or medium to coarse beard density
  3. You don’t will shave daily, i.e. it’s something you may only pick up a shave each other day or so
  4. you’re cutting longer hairs e.g. going a weekend while not shaving, so desire a close shave, Although, remember no shaver is that comfy to use on much more than daily or two’s beard growth. For that, we suggest a trimmer to take off the length 1st
  5. You’ve got contours to navigate
  6. Your beard hair grows in several directions. This can be particularly evident around the neck area


Essentially, rotary shavers are the proper selection for men World Health Organization have thick and/or long hair, as well as people who don’t wish to shave daily.

On the other hand, a foil shaver can be best to use if:


  1. You’re searching for an extremely smooth shave, the fully bald on the face look
  2. You shave daily
  3. You’ve got relatively fine facial hair
  4. You would like real precision e.g. with sideburns
  5. You would like a close shave on the cheeks
  6. You shave in straight lines


So most likely the largest issue which will be influencing you selecting between a foil shaver and a rotary electric razor is skin sensitivity. The rotary shavers are slightly less kind to your skin, although they bend to the contours of your face and are nice with long and/or quick growing facial hair. Of course, you’ll be switching to an electric shaver to flee the razor burn that cartridge razors leave you with. While electrical shavers are a lot of less devoted razor burn when compared to razors, you’ll minimize razor burn and skin disease as an issue by following the subsequent as guidance:

Foil vs Rotary shavers (VIDEO)