How to trim armpit hair

 Trim armpit hair with styleHow to trim armpit hair

Today we talk about how to trim armpit hair with style. Men neat or shave their underarms for the diversity of causes and in a variety of fashions.

Most well-groomed men choice for an easy trim so the armpit hair looks neat and clean. But, some guys shave off all of the hair for a smoother look.

One benefit of keeping your underarms neat and clean is that it’s aesthetically attractive when you wear short-sleeved shirts and tank tops. If you go as far as a full shave, you’ll too discover that shaving your armpit helps decrease body odor—hair tends to collect and keep bacteria which create the odor.

Before you know how to trim armpit hair, you first require coming to a decision which armpit hairstyle is accurate for you. As before mentioned, yes, there are hairstyles for your armpits—so decide smartly.

There are three usual armpit hairstyles that you need to be conscious of as you begin to think about how you would like to trim or shave your underarms.


Going totally bald is not for the faint-hearted. It takes some bravery and, preferably, a good reason. While it’s perfectly good enough for a man to shave his secret parts, society feels a bit clumsy about seeing men without underarm hair, except under particular situation.

2.Trim and tiny

The second-most common style is what I call ” Trim and tiny.” It’s common among metrosexuals and well-groomed men.

With this method, you don’t actually shave the hair—you just trim it down so that it’s shorter and does not stick out from your underarms. This look is manly, neat, and extremely sexy.

3. (AU) standard

The most regular style is what I like to call “AU standard”—in other words, the hair is not trimmed or maintained. It grows as it grows in anything form it takes.

Now, some gentleman’s have little underarm hair, so “AU standard” might be okay. However, for many, this method can get messy and overgrown quickly.

If you like to sport tank-tops and short-sleeved T-shirts, then you want to confirm that you seem neat in your clothes—so check those underarms.


How to trim armpit hair

The following 8-steps will help you achieve an excellent shave under your arms.

1: make germ-free Your Razor

Before shaving, you need to make germ-free your razor or electric shaver with alcohol.


If you’re using a manual, cartridge razor, then you will want to cause to flow t a small amount of rubbing alcohol over the end of the cartridge to kill any bacteria and germs.


If you’re using an electric razor, you will want to dab slightly of alcohol onto a cotton ball and massage the blades and hair guard down.


2: wash down Your Armpits

You should for all time be working with dirt free skin before you shave—you don’t want to bring in any bacteria into your pores.

Before you start shaving, completely wash your underarms with either a soap or washcloth or by taking a shower or bath.

Once finished, waterless yourself completely off with a fresh towel.


3: Trim the extended Hairs Short

Before you start to shave, you would like to trim down the extended hairs so that they don’t difficulty or get wedged on your shaver.

The finest way to do this is to use an electric trimmer. The Philips Norelco Body groom Series 7100 (BG2040) has a hair guard on one end that makes this very simple to do. It cuts the hair just short enough so it’s simple to shave later.Philips Norelco Body groom Series 7100 (BG2040)

You can also use the Wahl Lithium Micro Groomsman Trimmer to trim down the hairs without difficulty. The anodized Aluminum body of the trimmer provides protection for easy travel or for a cluttered drawer.Wahl Lithium Micro Groomsman Trimmer


Now, if “trim and short” is as far as you would like to go, then you can skip steps four and five.


4: Apply Shave Gel

After that, you will want to apply a shaving gel. I recommend a shaving gel more than a cream because it will be easier to observe what you’re doing.Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Super Slick Shave Cream

Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Super Slick Shave Cream is a great product for this. Provides superior razor glide and virtually eliminates irritation and cuts. Doesn’t contain alcohol or menthol.


5: Begin Shaving

Wet your razor and start shaving the hairs under your armpit. You will want to take small strokes as you shave—this will stop the shaver from clogging. Frequently clean the shaver to remove any stuck hairs.

If you wish for a super smooth shave, and then shave against this grain; depending on your skin naturally, this could reason some irritation, but that should be reduced with an antiseptic. If you want to reduce irritation, then shave with the grain.


6: Wash and dry out

Apply an antiseptic like trim Works under your arms. This will help:

  • Close up the pores
  • Destroy any bacteria that may be in the skin-area
  • Reduce razor burn
  • Minimize irritation
  • You should not be shaving any sensitive areas of your body without an antiseptic.
8: Apply Deodorant or Body Powder

Apply your deodorant or body powder as you usually would to your underarms area. For the first few days, you may wish for to try a body powder—it will truly help reduce friction as the hair re-grows, also body powder will keep you dry and reduce odor. If you’re a newbie or unfamiliar with a body powder, I suggest you for use Chassis Premium Body Powder for Men. It’s a highly acclaimed Chassis Premium Powder keeps working all day with Hydro-Shield technology.Degree Men Dry Protection 48 Hour AntiperspirantChassis Premium Body Powder for Men


If you’re going to expose naked skin under your arms, you may want to think using an all-natural deodorant— my favorite Degree Men Dry Protection Antiperspirant, Extreme Blast 2.7 oz.  Sometimes if you introduce chemical-laden deodorant to cleanly shaved skin, it can make some irritation.

how to trim armpit hair

I'm not going say that you 100% absolutely positively no-questions-asked need to how to trim armpit hair. Do what you want with it. Shave it, for all I care. Color it with a nice ombre. Braid it backward. But hear me out: I think you should how to trim armpit hair. At least a little. Consider the following evidence:

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