Panasonic arc 3 review

  • In this Panasonic arc 3 review, we honestly say that The Panasonic arc 3 (ES8103S) is a great electric razor for when you’re looking for the price but still want an excitant brand name. Its foil head system with a gray and black exterior.Panasonic arc 3 review
  • The pivoting head pivots back and forward at a twenty-degree angle to provide a great shave. There are a power knob and an LED indicator near the end of the grip.

This electric razor can be used wet or dry. There’s no extra cleaning or charging component, so this guide to keep the costs down, but you’ll still have to memorize to wash it under the tap after every single use.


Panasonic arc3 feature’s review

In this Panasonic arc 3 review, we take an in-depth look at one of the most popular, technology-packed and acclaimed electric shavers.

1.Thirty degrees „nanotech” blades

 The three Nanotech blades are in fact two, the 3rd one being joined into the foil itself and distribute the reason of trimming the long hairs to an extra manageable length and then grab and cut at skin level by the two external foils.

Different from the obvious marketing reason of this Nanotech technology, I must permit that Panasonic’s aggressive 30-degree angle does make a variation, assure a really spotless and efficient cutting. So you won’t experience any tugging or pulling with this one.

2.Dramatic linear motor

 This excitant shaver features an equally dramatic linear motor that can reach up to 13,000 RPM to give you stable power that you need for a more effective shave. This linear motor ensures that even the smallest of hairs are simply cut without causing any type of skin frustration or hair pulling.

3.Slit Foil

The foil surface of the blade has slits on them to comfortably catch small and lengthy hairs. No issue if you like to shave on a daily basis or one time in a week, the Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric razor will always give you similar impressive results.

4.100% water-resistant

 Cleaning an electric shaver can be a lengthy process. But you can simply wash it under running water to make sure that the method is quick and it is really better than dry cleaning.

5.Pop-up Trimmer

 One of the finest features of this Panasonic electric shaver is its Pop-up Trimmer. Just slide the trimmer to the upwards guidance for using it and put it down when you are done. It is extremely useful when you want to give an ending touch to your mustache or sideburns.

6.Turbo Cleaning Mode

  It comes with a Turbo Cleaning Mode that can be activated by keeping the Power switch pushed for 2 seconds. Once it is ON, the motor starts working at about 13,000 RPM to remove all the hairs from the inside of the razor. Turn on the Turbo mode and put it under running water to get superb cleaning results.

7.Cordless operation

  As it’s the case with most up-to-date electric shavers, the ES81103S can be used cordless.

However, you cannot shave with it when it’s connected to a power source, so if you forgot to charge it and the battery is low this may come as a weakness.

Panasonic tried to replace this weakness by including a quick charge option, which should charge the battery with enough power for a 5-minute shave.

I can’t really believe this a weakness as all wet/dry electric shavers can’t be used while charging as a safety precaution.

8.  10-Step LCD Display

 The LCD display shows the battery level, charging status and also the hygiene status of the shaver to confirm that the shaver functions at its best.

 Panasonic arc 3 review

  • Wonderful close shaves
  • Wet & Dry shaving capable, fully waterproof
  • Nanotech Blades
  • Good price/value
  • Provide you a lot of flexibility – you can shave under the shower, with a shaving cream or if you’re in a hurry dry shaving
  • Decent warranty


  • Soft-shell travel pouch. Does not offer much protection
  • Cleaning dock can take up lots of space on your bathroom counter
  • Noisy
  • Short battery life


What are in the box? Panasonic arc 3

♦Panasonic Arc 3 Wet/Dry Shaver

♦Foil Shaver Cover.

♦A Travel Pouch.

♦Rechargeable Shaver AC Adapter.


Some  frequently asked questions


  • Can this shaver be used by men with sensitive skin?

Answer: Yes, the thin foil on the blades of this shaver prevents direct contact of the blades with your skin. So you are able to get an amazingly close shave without any kind of irritation or cuts.

  • Can I use this shaver while it is being charged?

Answer: No, you cannot use it while it is being charged. But it charges quickly so you don’t have to wait for long. A 5-minute quick charge can provide you enough power to have one single shave.

  • Can I charge it anywhere in the world?

Answer: Yes, the shaver comes with a universal dual voltage system. You will only need a charger to charge it no matter where you are.


Overall Review

In the end of Panasonic arc 3 review we also say that the Latest electric shavers are particularly designed to make easy your shaving experience by providing remarkable results. If you are looking for such an impressive performer, the Panasonic Arc 3  Electric Shaver is the best one to choose and pick. Its functionality is extremely impressive and its built is long-lasting. I’ve been using it for quite a long period of time and now I am totally pleased with the results that this shaver is able to bring every single time. 

Panasonic arc 3 review (VIDEO)

Panasonic arc 3 review
Reviewed by Ali Asad on.
Summary:Best electric shaver for sensitive skin

Description:Panasonic Arc 3 men's shavers feature 30 degree angle blades, to cut hair at its base for close, accurate precision. The flexible pivoting head allows the cordless shaver to float effortlessly along the contours of your face for a fast shave.

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