Panasonic arc5 review


Here we talk about Panasonic arc5 review. Panasonic arc5  ES-LV81-K  electric shavers are the latest copy for the man from The Panasonic “Arc” series. The first Arc shaver was introduced into the market back in 2009. The Panasonic Arc5 is a premium shaver with a price tag to match. We’ve been testing this shaver for the past six weeks, and it’s now time to inform you what we expect it.

This shaver created it onto our list of the most effective electric shavers for men because it deserves to be there in every possible manner. For people who have the money to afford a high-end shaver, this should be in your top 2 selections to consider. Panasonic arc5 review


Panasonic arc5 review

In this Panasonic arc5 review we take an in-depth look at one of the most popular, technology-packed and acclaimed electric shavers.

1. For supreme close action

 5 ARC foils running freely to capture and cut Inflexible hairs. The foils are reverse pointed to lift up and cut flay-laying hair.

2. Face-Hugging Multi-Directional Flex Pivoting Head

 Has a motion range of approximately 25 degrees forward and back, as well as 20 degrees side to side. Precisely conforms to the neck, under the chin and the jawline.

3. Thirty-Degree Angled SS Nanotech BladesPanasonic arc5

exceptionally elegant Nano blades are 30-degree angled and hypoallergenic. Expert angling cuts hair accurate at the base for exceptional precision. Blades and foils give more comfort with less frustration for sensitive skin.

4. Fast, Linear Motor Drive

 At 14,000 cycles per minute delivers an ultra-fast, close shave. The fast cut technology eliminates the pulling and tugging that can guide to skin frustration.

5. Multi-Fit Arc Blades

 Five floating blades work freely to follow the natural contours of the face, chin, and neck, delivering the smoothest shave on even heavy beards.

6. Automatic Premium Cleaning and Charging System

 Cleans dried, charges and keeps your shaving system performing its best day by day. Makes shaver storage and care easy for peak performance for day by day use.

7. 100% Washable and Waterproof

 Cleans in seconds under running water. Just wash it under the tap.

8. Wet/Dry Shaving System Options

 Take pleasure in the flexibility of shaving dry while on the go, or with cream or gel for the smoothest shave possible.

9. Pop-up Trimmer

 For complete precision, to add the perfect edge to your sideburns or mustache or deal immediately with unnecessary hair while grooming.

Panasonic arc5


  • Best Electric razor for close shaving
  • Pivoting head
  • Good for thick and heavy beards
  • Wet & Dry Electric Shaver
  • High Price
  • The shaver is not that much great when it comes to comfortability

What are in the box?

♦A Panasonic arc5  (ES-LV81-K) shaverA Panasonic arc5 ES-LV81-K

♦Self-cleaning Recharger,


♦Detergent Cartridge,

♦Travel Pouch


                              Some  frequently asked questions

  • What is actually included in the package? 

Answer: Shaver, blade cover, travel case, cleaning unit, cleaning detergent, power cord, no cleaning brush.

  • Can I Charge the Panasonic ES-LV81-K when traveling without the cleaning system?

Answer: You certainly can. The same power cord works for the cleaning system and the shaver.

  • I have come across an article raving about this shaver as especially beneficial for men who suffer from ingrown hairs (razor bumps). True?

Answer: I have not had a problem with being grown hairs just the lack of hairs it takes off my neck. 


Overall Review

At the end of Panasonic arc5 review, we can say that The performance and comfort capability you find from Panasonic arc5 shaver, totally justifies the price tag. So, there is no need to disagree on the price of this shaver. The product is clear in the whole review; there must be no more confusion. Most of the Panasonic Electric Shavers are dependable and satisfied but this model “Arc-5” noticeable its place by leaving behind all other top brands in the marketplace and provides the most comfortable shaving experience. It is best among all shavers. So you can buy this Panasonic arc5 shaver from Amazon.

 Panasonic arc5 review (VIDEO)


Panasonic Arc 5 Model Differences

Overall they all offer a patented motor system running at 14,000 cams, wet/dry, 30-degree inner blades, 1 hour charging time which lasts for roughly 15 shaves. The only one that does not have 14,000 is the ES-LT41-k Arc 3 which has 13,000 cams.

Generally, the ES-LV95-S and ES-LV65-S version include a built-in sensor that helps to adjust the blades for a close shave and they have a pivoting head.  The ES-LV81-K and ES-LV61-A have the extra linear power feature.  Beyond that, the extra accessories that are included in the purchase are what make up the differences.

As well, memorandum that the ES-LV95-S and the ESLV81-K have a cleaning station the shaver will sit in to get cleaned. Otherwise, you are doing the others by hand.

It’s the most expensive out of all four though. So, it will literally come down to price, a few extra accessories and if you want the cleaning station in choosing the best Panasonic Arch 5 razors for yourself.

Panasonic arc5 review
Reviewed by Ali Asad on.
Summary:Best electric shaver for sensitive skin

Description:If you are looking for the fastest electric shaver and also looking for the closest shaver, you can't miss Panasonic arc 5. As one of the most expensive shavers in the world. Panasonic arc 5 is the tag of luxury. So where the money cost, let's have a quick Panasonic arc5 review for the key features.

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