Remington f5-5800 review


We talk about Remington f5-5800 review. The Remington f5-5800 Rechargeable Foil Shaver gives a close, clean and consistent shave. Featuring progressive Pivot & Flex Technology, the shaver’s two freely flexing foil screens and pivoting neck, adjust to the contour of your jaw, cheeks, and neck to reduce pressure and frustration while expanding closeness. Remington f5-5800 review

Interceptor Shaving Technology cuts up to a three-day value of growth with comfort. Get that smooth, hot look you always wanted, without nicks and scratches. Getting the closest shave probable means less irritatingly scratchy stubble later in the day. The long-lasting surgical steel blades offer highest accuracy and durability. The Intercept Cutting Remington electric shaver is a smart pick for a close shave.


Remington f5-5800  Feature’s review


Here is Remington f5-5800 review for you,

1.Easy to wash Design

 The Remington F5-5800 has a straightforward design that does not trap hairs making it complicated to clean them. The design is also not complicated and washing the device is simple. You can simply wash the razor in a sink under running water. You can easily clean the surgical steel blades.

2.Battery Power and charging

 The Remington F5 rechargeable is beautifully run on rechargeable ion-lithium batteries. When completely charged, the shaver can run for 60 nonstop minutes. You need about one hour to get the batteries fully charged. If your battery is low, you can charge the lithium battery in only 5 minutes and get full boosts to provide for a quick shave.

3.LED indicators

 this electric shaver has an LED fuel indicator that shows the user the levels of power in the batteries at all times.

4.Pop-up featured trimmer

 This shaver comes with a pop-up featured trimmer that is helpful when it involves shaving tricky hairs like those of the neck, sideburns, and also the mustache.

5.Auto Worldwide Voltage

 this Remington f5-5800 shaver can be used with power of 240 volts or 100 volts. This means you can use this razor any countries, any place around the world. It is an electric shaver that can be used by travelers going to different countries with different power voltages.

6.Corded or cordless use

 You can use this electric razor with interceptor shaving technology while linking to an electrical power source by a power cord; you can also use it cordless. Since you can use it cordless, you can use it out-of-doors and you can walk around independently while shaving.

If you want to shave for a long period of time, or if you are short on the battery charge, you can shave while linked to a power source. This is however not encouraged as it has a risky effect on the battery life.

7.Stunningly Affordable

 even though the Remington F5-5800 has a lot of features that are extremely similar to a few of the top class razors on the marketplace, its price tag is really very reasonable. It retails for $44.99 on Amazon, with next-day delivery to many areas. When you judge that many other mid-range or high-end electric razors cost at least $100, this is an awesome deal. Although it may not have the flashy approach of these other, more high-priced electric razors, what its absence in the form it makes up in function. Since this razor is highly long-lasting it makes an amazing asset with an extremely economical for every use.

 Remington f5-5800 review


  • Very affordable at less than $50
  • Corded and cordless functionality offers great flexibility
  • Long run time
  • Washable head saves you money in terms of not having to buy cleaning refill packs
  • Easy to clean (it comes with a cleaning brush)


  • Cannot use this to wet shave
  • While the head can tilt back and forth, there is no side to side movement
  • May not be suitable for men with sensitive skin

What are in the box?

♦Remington f5-5800 shaver

♦A charging cord

♦A cleaning brush

♦Shaving head cover Nope

 It does not come with a pouch so you’ll have to buy one separately.



 Some frequently asked questions


  • Can this razor be used by women for shaving legs????

Answer: Yes, I am female and use this to shave everything – including my nether.


  • I am looking for a shaver that will shave my head bald, any suggestions?

Answer: This shaver definitely works. I use it to shave my head. It provides a very close, smooth, and comfortable shave for my head. Trust me, it works extremely well!


  • Can this shaver be used with shaving cream?

Answer: I’m pretty sure it can be used wet or dry shave


  • How long until you need to get a screen and cutter replacement, I shave once every week?

Answer: I’m not for certain but with little use, as you say shaving once a week, maybe once a year; this is an excellent razor that will last a long time IMO if you take care of it. Clean it after every use (the hairs inside) and I think you will be very pleased. Amazon’s return policies are excellent if you aren’t totally satisfied.

Overall Review

At the end of Remington f5-5800 review, we say this electric shaver is a good financial plan option for men looking for a proper shaver that is capable of shaving a various day growth. Remington makes this possible because of the two foils and intercepts feature that cuts longer strands of hair.

Now keep in mind that some men who have sensitive skin said that this razor has given them worry because it was too aggressive, so if you have the similar type of skin, this may not be the correct product for you.

However, men who say to have sensitive skin were happy with the results. So this is one more case of “your mileage may differ”.

Remember to experiment it out to find out and if it doesn’t work for you return it for a money back, but if it works, then you’ve found yourself a gem in the rocky.


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Remington f5-5800 review
Reviewed by Ali Asad on.
Summary:Best electric shaver for sensitive skin

Description:The Remington F5-5800 is one of the top electric shavers on the market right now, with many unique features that make shaving more comfortable and convenien

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