Wahl 8061 review

 In this Wahl 8061 review, we take an in-depth look at one of the most popular technology.  Wahl 8061-100 is an upgraded and improved version, that guarantees a clean and fast shave. It has a cordless design, and this makes it trouble-free to use.Wahl 8061 review

You can easily get a close shave thanks to the bump-free feature included. This electric razor helps you save a lot of efficiencies, but also precious time as it satisfies the act with each recharge. 

Wahl 8061 review

In this Wahl 8061 review, we take an in-depth look at one of the most popular, technology-packed and acclaimed electric shavers.

1. Rechargeable Battery

 Users can benefit from cordless shaving anytime as long as the battery is charged.

  • 2. Premium Head
  •  Thanks to Wahl 8061 head, you can get a bump-free ultra-close shave.
3. Hypoallergenic Foil

Wahl 8061  feature has the purpose of improving the user shaving experience by avoiding rashes and cuts.

4. Instruction Manual

 The Wahl 8061-100  comes with performing instructions to make the assembly method easier and simpler for users.

5. Other Accessories

The full package includes a Foil and Cutter Bar Assembly, Shaper Guard, and the Foil and Cutter Bar Assembly. 

6. Exclusive Casing

 This model has a very original retro exterior which takes you back to the 1950s’.

7. Lightweight:

This device weighs just eight ounces.

8. Cordless Use

Thanks to its rechargeable battery, this product becomes a great handy shaver which you can take with you anywhere you go.

9. Bump-Free Close Shaving

The covered hypoallergenic foil provides a great shaving experience avoid redness, rashes, and any other sort of trouble.

10. Suitable for Every kind of Hair

This electric shaver smoothly cuts nasty, thick, and cool hair as well.

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Why is it so popular for professional use?


One of the main reasons why this razor shaper is so famous is because of the design of the foil which shaves the hair. The shave can get really close to the skin as compared to a normal razor. This ensures that you are not just able to get a bump-free shave, but also you can trim the hair without leaving any longer chunks of hair in between.

This provides you with the perfect precision shave. During the shaving process, this also helps you achieve the right kind of angles as well as the shape which you need. This is one of the main reasons why it is so well-liked for professional use. You do not have worry about bumps or blunt edges when using the shaver shaper…


Why should black men use this shaver?

Wahl 8061 a bump-free model that permits all black men to achieve a clean and close shave without razor bump, ingrown hair, and frustration.

This shaver has precision- shaving capability and will give quick and smooth shaves to every black man.

It is uniquely designed for the skin type of black men and is easy to use and clean.


  • Cuts razor close without leaving any bumps;
  • It has a powerful motor, so it can be easily used on the entire head;
  • Stays charged for several days, so you can use it daily with no problem;
  • Handles perfectly thick and curly beard, thus it can be used by all men;
  • The big head helps you achieve a complete shave in a minute.


  • The foil can be damaged if too much pressure is applied;
  • It cannot handle very well long hair;
  • It is a bit loud.


What are in the box?

♦A Wahl 8061  Shaver

♦Charger Cord

♦Instruction Manual


                            Some frequently asked questions

  • Is this a good shaver for African Americans?

 Answer: Yes man I use it after I shave my head down with regular clippers. It gives a nice smooth feel. Well worth it!

  • Is this strong enough to cut a long thick beard or do you have to trim down first with another razor then use this one??

 Answer: Unfortunately, no you have to already have it shaved down to about stubble. It can’t cut long hair.

  • How long does the hypoallergenic foil last?

Answer: The foil usually lasts for a period of up to 4 to 5 months with the usage of twice per week. The foil is pretty easy to replace.


Overall Review

 At the end of Wahl 8061 review we can say, When compared to other related products, the Wahl Professional 8061 5-Star Series Shaver Shaper gives a superior shave and shape always when used perfectly. The results were quicker and more exact as well, at least when compared to the other products like it in the marketplace. Cutting and shaping created minimum frustration, particularly when the user refrained from friction with it while shaving complicated areas.

The foil on the head of the device may have to be replaced after a while, but it usually outlasts the manufacturer’s warranty. Fortunately, the replacement parts come in at under $20, which makes the Wahl Professional 8061 5-Star Series Shaver Shaper exceptionally reasonable to keep for casual users as well as professionals. Any damaged parts are replaced at no charge by the manufacturer, and Wahl Customer Service was friendly and helpful when we called for more information on the product and warranty.


Wahl 8061 review (VIDEO)

Wahl 8061 review
Reviewed by Ali Asad on.
Summary:Best electric shaver for sensitive skin

Description:Are you a black man whose face becomes red-looking and sore with razor bumps as soon as you shave with a razor blade? Wahl Professional 8061 can resolve your problem! Check out my Wahl 8061 review for how to use and how to clean it.Wahl Professional 8061 is a great choice for Black Men.

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